Top-tier web development for a flat fee.

Synthate's team develops custom, cost-effective

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A flexible solution

Development on your terms

Use Cases

Outsourcing, made simple

Outsourcing can be complicated, we make it simple.

The new standard in development

Outsource your project with no worries.

Our Process

Achieve bold results

Our process is efficient, keeps you in the loop, and completes your project quickly.

A strong work process

Take your project or business to the next level through investment in a strong web presence.


Attain peace of mind

Pay for honest work from the get-go, no exceptions or fine print.

Transparent pricing

Know exactly what you are paying for, down to the cent.

Start instantly

Get started immediately, no communication mess

Limitless integrations

Integrate your critical applications

+ more

Unlimited possibilities

The perfect development experience

Landing Page

Get a professional landing page no matter what. We provide one with every plan.


Take advantage of advanced technical features such as payments, scheduling, user accounts, and more.


We help you integrate with Stripe, Calendly, Mailchimp, and numerous other applications.

Proprietary Code

We provide you with your project proprietary code - with personalized comments and a read-me permanently hosted on GitHub.


You can choose the features you want us to include in your web application and discard the rest. We'll handle SEO, responsivity, and the rest.

Dedicated Support

If you decide to migrate, we'll help you make a smooth transition. We'll continue to support your project's code for up to three months if you cancel your subscription.

We build with Ruby on Rails

Other companies that have been built with Ruby on Rails

+ thousands more

We build all of our applications on Ruby on Rails.

We did not build any of these companies, nor are we endorsed by them.

However, these companies showcase the pure power of the Ruby on Rails Framework.

Development, on your terms.

A modern, flexible solution for startups, agencies, individuals, and small companies.

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